NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks – Review

I bought 2 of these a little while ago, and had been avoiding putting up a review on them, because everyone seemed to love them. These sadly, did not work for me 😦 And it makes me so sad because I have so many NYX products that I love!

First off, these were always out of stock at every Priceline I went to!  I couldn’t believe it! My hopes were so high for these, I guess in a way there were only two ways they could go. Either these would surpass my hopes and dreams, of they would fail miserably.

I tried these for a good two weeks. ON initial application, they were lovely, so creamy unfortunately, after they set, they were so drying on my lips, my lips started to look like I had been sucking on lemons, and they were so cracked after using them. The colour sunk into the lines in my lips I found that if I used a balm underneath them, there was a bit more moisture, however then they weren’t long lasting! I just couldn’t win with these.

On the positive, the colours I bought were just amazing, I got them in Satin Ribbon and Embellishment. And I like the packaging, the price for Aussie pricing wasnt too bad either.


If anyone has found the same issue as me, but has a solution I would love to hear it as I really do want to love these liquid lipsticks.

Where I got them Priceline

What they cost me $14.95

Stars 2/5


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Review – L’OREAL PARIS Nude Magique Cushion Foundation

“The weightless liquid foundation is infused into a cushion compact, providing buildable coverage from light to medium. Your skin feels smooth, soft and hydrated.”

This description does not lie! I have now gone through 3 of these bad boys…

It is lightweight, the colour match is perfect, and it gives my skin that hydrated look without looking like I’ve dunked my head in a bucket of water (summer time, much as I love you, I do not like the drippy sweaty look) I am in the shade No.6. The coverage is buildable for those days you need some extra coverage, and I really love the cushion. I don’t however, like the applicator it comes with, as I find it useless, so I just use my current favourite beauty blender which is the Real Techniques beauty blender.

Once on, the finish to my skin (and I know I cant speak for all skin types) is flawless. It covers any slight imperfections on me fabulously.


I do find that I go through these foundations really quickly though – granted, I use it every single day (except my makeup free Sundays), but still, I have gone through 3 of these already. I have found that as I have a couple of other L’oreal foundations though, in the same shade, I can pump some of that product onto the cushion and I’m good for another couple of weeks!

This has to be hands down my favourite drugstore foundation. Its a big call considering how many foundations I own, but yep, I am going to put it out there – it is THE BEST drugstore foundation on the market. If you haven’t tried it yet, do yourself a favour and pick one up. It has been the best investment I have made.

Where I bought it – Priceline (Australia)

What it cost me – AUD$29.95 (I do try to wait for a sale though and get it 20-30% cheaper)

Stars 5/5

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Looks a little fishy to me….

I have been looking at theBalm products a fair bit lately, you can buy them at my local Target which is great! And the prices are fantastic too! Then I thought to look at Sephora Australia last weekend, and they too sell theBalm… however, do you see what I see when I price checked the same product in Target and then on Sephora?


Why??? Why is there such a price difference for the same product? Who in their right mind would spend over $30 more on a product?? It’s retailing at $34.95 in Target, and a whopping $67.50 at Sephora?! I don’t understand – does Sephora Australia think we wouldn’t be savvy enough to look around?

I still try not to buy many products from Sephora Australia for exactly this reason. I will opt to send my friends overseas a shopping list and paypal them the money as even with shipping, exchange rate etc etc its still cheaper for me to buy from the overseas stores!

What am I missing? Surely there is a logical explanation for such a price hike right?  Someone? Anyone?

Deez xx

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Lancome Juicy Shaker’s- Review

“Shake It, Twist It, Love It! Colors that turn you on!

Juicy Shaker’s bi-phase technology delivers the first pigmented lip oil with 2 distinct phases. The first phase is a transparent oil phase for a comfortable non-sticky shine. The second is the pigment phase for a shot of color. Shake Juicy Shaker like a cocktail shaker to mix the pigments and oil. The cushion applicator enhances application by delivering the perfect ‘shot’ of addictive non-sticky shine and a sheer tint of color to your lips that is simply irresistible.”

I was asked by my friend Cindy, from,  Younique by Cindy to review the Lancome Juicy Shaker gloss I had bought a little while ago.


Lancome Juicy Shaker – Piece of Cake

First off, the packaging itself is just adorable, a mini shaker that actually does make you feel like doing the little martini jig while shaking it up before applying (or is that just me?) Once the colour is mixed, the actual applicator itself is this great little dome that I think applies the gloss perfectly. The sales girl told me the little trick to getting fuller colour coverage was to hold the shaker upside down at first to let the pigment fall before shaking it so you get more pigment on the adorably cute applicator. It does help to make the colour apply more evenly. My first application was a tad patchy!

I wore it solidly for a week and I really liked it! It did take some getting used to – the oily texture is quite different for someone who has used glosses all her life – though the selling point for me was that as it’s an oil there is no tacky feeling! I know I am not alone here, but I did find I stopped wearing a lot of glosses because I have long hair which tends to get stuck in the gloss when it’s windy.. it’s never pleasant having to pull your hair out of your mouth then find it’s covered in gloss. The whole process just becomes a hot mess and more hassle than the gloss is generally worth! However, I didn’t have this issue at all with the oil based gloss! That in itself is a winner in my book!

The pigment in the shaker did stain my lips once the oil wore off and while the oil was sitting on my lips they felt quite hydrated, soft and lovely. As I bought a Piece of Cake, it has a lovely subtle vanilla-ish scent to it which is nice! Some of the other scents are more fruity (as per their names). I did notice after letting the gloss sit stationary for a few days though, mixing it up again took some time and there was a slight black tinge to the colour. Once mixed though it disappeared. Has anyone else had that or was that just me? It didn’t affect the gloss or application, so might just have been some separation issues….

As I always like to know what I am putting on my skin, I checked out the Lancome website to find out what was in the oils in the product. So we have Peach kernel oil; a well-known emollient softens lips while Sweet Almond oil conditions and Cranberry oil provides rich anti-oxidant properties. Muscat Rose oil is rich in essential fatty acids and helps to soothe lips. And there you have it!

With 12 different shades to choose from, there is definitely a shade for everyone. I personally will be going back to get a couple more – once I can decide which shades I want! As I am obsessed with anything mango, the Mangoes go Wild is a no brainer, it’s that last one I just can’t decide……

Where I got it – David Jones, Sydney

What it cost me – AUD $34

Stars – 4/5

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My Recent Experience with Kora Organics

Today I wandered up to Pitt Street Mall in the heart of Sydney not expecting to see anything to buy. Then right outside of Westfields, there was a “Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr” skin care stand. The desk was being manned by Danielle who proved to be one of the best customer service agents I have spoken with in a very long time.


She was knowledgeable, patient, generous and took her time explaining to me how the products worked, what order to use them in and how to use them to maximise the results. All the service you would expect to receive but I have found, in our busy go-go-go lifestyles, to put it bluntly – lacking.

I ended up with several samples of the products that Miranda Kerr and her team have created, and I can’t wait to try them. I had been looking at them in-store for some time, but without knowing what is what and what its used for, I had been quite hesitate to just jump in and give them a go. Now prepared and ready with my samples, this brand may just have won me over – just through the fabulous customer service I received today.

So to Danielle, thank you so much for your kind service today. It was greatly appreciated and I look forward to buying full size bottles of these beautiful organic products in the future.

Stay tuned as I do a review on these items as I try them out!

Deez xx

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First Impression – Ren Satin Perfection BB Cream

I have been using this BB Cream now for just over a week, so it’s technically still a first impression. I received my first Mecca beauty loop box of the year, and it provided a sample of the Ren Satin Perfection BB Cream. It is a silicone free BB Cream so I gave it a go…. and now I am not sure I can go back to using my other BB Creams – and I have a few! Firstly, it is quite an odd shade of orange, I wasn’t entirely sure it would look ok on my face, but then I applied it and – it was love at first use. It is a very light coverage, blends seamlessly, just perfect for our Sydney summers . I don’t feel I get overly shiny after wandering out in 30+ degree heat during lunch like I usually do. It doesn’t clog my pores, or make me break out, and even better, it is the first face product I have used in such a long time where I haven’t needed a primer first! The finish is a natural, satiny, healthy glow.


It feels great on my skin – did I mention lightweight? It’s not too drying or too oily – I have combination skin and my T-zone can sometimes resemble a very attractive oil slick. My skin seems to have reverted back to pre-Canada days now that I am not in such a dry climate. I tend to have issues with foundations in that sometimes I require a more yellow undertone, whereas other times I need more a pink undertone. (Yes my skin is that fussy it cannot decide what tone it wants to be permanently.) This has more a yellow undertone heading towards the neutral side. I really do love that this product doesn’t oxidise on me! That’s right, no oompa loompa face here! OH and I worked out with it, and didn’t end up with it all over my towel! Added bonus for those gym goers out there!

For a BB Cream here in Sydney, it is pricey, I paid AUD$56 from Mecca Cosmetica, and the US Sephora site has it listed as $38 plus tax. I will say though, that at the moment, the Aussie Dollar is so disgustingly low, with the conversion to USD – it was pretty much on par.

I am heading to Hawaii in 5 weeks, so I might have to get a couple more of these! I think this will be the main product I take with me, just enough coverage to hide imperfections, but light enough that I don’t look over done!

Where I found it – Mecca Cosmetica Miranda

What I paid for it AUD$56

Stars 4.5/5

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Best Nine of 2015!

Thought I would share my Best Nine posts from my IG account!!  

 Here’s to an even better 2016! And I promise to add more reviews this year!
Deez xx

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