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Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip Gloss – Rambutan

Bite Beauty is a natural lip care company operating out of downtown Toronto. Our mission is to create lipstick that is high performance and healthy enough to eat for women everywhere.

OH. MY. GOODNESS…. I heard about this Lip Gloss from watching Jaclyn Hill’s April favourites – and I understand why she loves it so much!

I bought this early in the week – just one because I wanted to try it and sadly – you can’t get samples of gloss haha So I thought – try one, and if you don’t like it, then you didn’t go crazy. However, now I have tried it – I want them all!!!!!

I got it in Rambutan – it’s a peachy nude colour. And it’s a fantastic shade of nude. A lot of nude colours I find make me look really pasty – I have naturally pink lips, so finding a shade that suits me is harder than you might think (either that or I’m just incredibly fussy) This has just the right hint of colour that keeps my lips looking flush!


The gloss itself is thick and a bit tacky, the first time I put it on I thought it was too much, but then I smudged my lips together to even it out and it was fantastic! And it LASTS!!! Usually I apply and reapply my lip gloss all day long because it either fades, or I eat it off (not going to lie – this could be an issue with this gloss as its quite tasty!) – or it ends up on my coffee cup and I feel like all the moisture has been sucked out of my lips. HOWEVER, this stuff – I counted yesterday, I re-applied it twice after the first coat before I left for work (so just after lunch and just before I left work for the day) and my lips felt moisturized and soft all day long. I even did a workout and it stayed put (and when I work out – it’s not pretty – just in case you think I’m there texting or playing on my phone, doing one pedal rotation every couple of minutes…)

The biggest problem I have now is working out which colour to get next!

This gloss makes my lips happy!

I found it at – Sephora

Cost – A little pricey at C$25 + tax – but its worth it!

Β Deez xx


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  1. I’ve heard so many great things about Bite lip products! Now I really want some. Love the color you purchased!

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