The Ultimate Eyeshadow Primer

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

This for me is it. There is nothing better. Nothing comes close – I will be using this till I can no longer put on makeup without the kids of tomorrow telling me I look ridiculous.

A friend of mine introduced me to this gem a couple of years ago, and I’ve made it my mission to tell as many of my friends about it as possible. The first one I got had a wand to spread the product, which I thought was pretty cool, but now its in a tube you squeeze. I use the original one, as below.

Love Love Love this stuff!

Love Love Love this stuff!

I love it, I use this every day to set my eyeshadow. This stuff is so good that on those nights out when I have….. erhm….had one too many vodkas and collapsed in a drunken stupor into bed without taking my eye make up off, MY EYESHADOW IS STILL IN PLACE the next morning! Obviously, the rest of my face isn’t in tip top form, but hey – can’t have everything right?

There is no creasing, no smudging, no falling or fading. The only problem I have found is that it is so good that if you happen to screw up your eyeshadow in epic proportions (EPIC FAIL is how I describe mine) – you pretty much have to remove it all and start again – or is that just me?!

I also had to add this picture, I received an Urban Decay Palette for Christmas and it had the mini version of the primer – how fricken adorable is this!!!!!!!! Tell me you don’t want one too! lol

The Mini Me version!

The Mini Me version!

This product has never let me down!!!

 Where I found it – Shoppers Drug Mart and Sephora

 Cost – C$14 plus tax

Deez xx


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