My First Mini E.L.F Cosmetics Haul!

Ok, so maybe it isn’t the BIGGEST of hauls compared to others I have seen, but I had to work within a budget! (it’s a new thing I’m trying – called restaint – I’m not very good at it, but I’m trying!)

Anyway…… As I am at work, I haven’t opened all the boxes and containers up yet, so this blog is really just a sneak peek of what I got! I will test them all out at home and do a ‘part 2’ to this blog!

My friend who bought the other half of this order said I should do swatches – but I think my hands look funny in pictures. I will do my best though!Β This same friend is creating her own blog too, so once that is up and running, I will add the link to her blog too so you can check out other cool stuff!

Have any of you used ELF products before? I must admit, I am a bit of a newbie with this company. My first order from them was just a couple of brushes and a travel case. The case is getting it’s first test run at the end of the month when I head to Ottawa for the weekend! The brushes I really like, but I only got ones for the eyebrows and lashes – so far – no complaints! And for the price??!!! US$1 each?! Seriously? Seriously!!!

SO! This is what I got!

All my goodies, still in the bag!!!!!

All my goodies, still in the bag!!!!!

Once I took everything out and we separated out things, my haul ended up looking like this – not so scary now eh?

Just my things! Not too many after all that!

Just my things! Not too many after all that!

All in all, I got 2 Matte Lip Colours, 2 Liquid Lipsticks, a Setting Powder, a Smudge Pot, a Lip tint and a Lip Gloss!

Where I found them – E.L.F Cosmetics (online)Β (for those back home – you can get their products from hereΒ )

Cost – all the things pictured between US$1-US$3 plus tax and shipping

Deez xx


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