Smashbox CC Cream – Dark Spot Correcting SPF 30

A little while ago I was recommended the Smashbox CC Cream as I was looking for a new tinted moisturizer that provided a decent amount of coverage and had an SPF in it. I didn’t want anything heavy or full coverage like a foundation. My friend had told me she swears by the Smashbox CC Cream. She told me she loves it because it’s lightweight and she had originally bought it for something light in the summer that also had sunscreen in it, something that doesn’t look cakey when you sweat etc. And that she also loves how it evens out the skin and feels like nothing. So I was convinced!

Off I went to Sephora. The beautician colour matched me and told me I was ‘fair’ in colouring. Fair. I had never been ‘fair’ in my life! In 7 years in Calgary, I have gone from a medium complexion to FAIR! I admit, I argued, in disbelief mind you, not in anger. She found it hilarious -might have been that my eyebrows almost shot off my head in surprise, who can say… but I refused to believe I was now that much lighter than what I had been all my life (in hindsight, I now admit, its probably been my saving grace moving here – I’ve probably saved my skin from endless sunburns! But for this review – it’s not the point) 

SB CC Cream

Smashbox CC Cream – Fair

Anyway, I left the store with a sample of both the “Light” and the “Fair”. And for good measure, another Sephora location had the new shade of “Fair Light” so I grabbed a sample of that too. After 10 days of wearing this to work and working out and such, I had determined, this was NOT the cream for me. Initially, putting the cream on I loved it, the coverage was great, it was really light and the colour matched my skin perfectly. But as much as I wanted to have the same outcome and result as my friend, it was just not the case, after a while, it was very drying on my skin and it caked a lot. I would finish the day looking very patchy and find if I was going out after work, I had to do more than just touch up my makeup. I felt like I had to either take it all off and start again, or put another layer on top of what I had already on my face.

I know a lot of people have had great success with this CC Cream and that is awesome, but sadly, I have to find something else to try.

On a positive note though, my friend was happy as she ended up with the rest of my samples!

Where I found it – Sephora and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Cost – I only got samples so didn’t pay for it, but it retails at $50.00 plus tax

Stars – 2.5/5

Deez xx


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