First Impression – NYX Jumbo Pencil – Yogurt

I saw this colour and it was beautiful, I had heard a lot about these so thought, why not jump on the bandwagon and grab a couple to try out. I had been on the hunt for Milk  – which I finally found at the same time! Milk is obviously a shimmery white colour which a lot of people use as a base. I am yet to try this one out.

Yogurt, I wore to work during the week. It’s a beige/pinky/champagne colour. On initial application I felt it was very creamy, and it went on in a really nice, even application. The colour itself is beautiful, perfect for daytime, office, casual lunch or anywhere really! In the picture below, I swatched it and took a picture while indoors with the lights on, and again when outside in natural light.


NYX Jumbo Pencil in Yogurt

I didn’t do anything different with my morning eye makeup application – primer, then colour – but sadly, by the time I had gotten to work so about 45mins later – it had started to crease! I patted the colour out to get rid of the crease and checked again at lunchtime. I don’t usually wear creamy eyeshadows – do they crease more than powders? Or could it be from my oily skin? The crease isn’t huge mind you, I notice it, but then I notice everything. The colour is long-lasting on the rest of my eyelid though!

I think I might end up using this as a highlight or a liner, more so than an all over shadow! I am thinking perhaps I applied too much of the product (got a little excited by how pretty it was) and that may have caused the slight creasing. I will try it again over the weekend and see what I think.

I still have to try the Milk pencil, I have heard good things about it – so that one will be next I think!

Where I found it – London Drugs

Cost $6.99 + tax

Stars – 3/5

Deez xx


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