Getting my Tan on!

When I was younger, living in Sydney, it was expected to be sunkissed. I spent years sunbaking not caring about the consequences, had the attitude “long as my face doesn’t get burned, its all good” I loved how having a tan made feel (I’m not going to lie – I still do!) confident, sunkissed, slightly slimmer even! haha But now I am older and wiser – living in Canada – where if I must be honest, summer isn’t as impressive as what I’m used to!

In Calgary, it has been winter since October last year – it finally started warming up mid way through May – that’s a long time without warmth and sunshine. Apparently, we went from winter straight to summer – spring didn’t even make an appearance! In saying that, my entire body is the same colour as parts of me that have never seen sunlight. So you can imagine – rather white! Considering how harsh the sun is back home, I admit, my skin is probably thanking me for a few years without a tan.

Anyway, considering summer here could end any second, I was done being pasty white – I may have mentioned someone telling me I was now fair skinned? So I thought –Β enough – I’m going the fake tan route! This glow needs to go! I could blind people, no joke!

So off I went with a girl friend of mine to purchase the St Tropez trial size pack of self tanner. I had heard about this from another friend who uses it regularly. Naturally, I had to try it – I had made the monstrous error one year of trying one thinking I looked fantastic only to discover in photos I resembled an oompa loopma. Yes, one of these guys….

oompa_loompa-300x168So I was a bit wary of trying to fake tan again! The box contained the mousse, exfoliating body wash and a moisturizing cream. It also contained a mitt to apply the mousse.

St Tropez Start Kit!

St Tropez Start Kit!

Naturally in my excitement to open the Sample box of St tropez, I forgot to take before photos. But I have been using it regularly, reapplying when it starts to fade, and I am loving the results! I’m tan! Not orange!!!! As the mousse is tinted, its so easy to apply tooΒ – you can see if you have missed spots on your body. The directions say you can leave it on for 5-8 hours for the colour to deepen and then you can shower to get the guide colour off. What you are left with is a really nice, subtle tan. Personally I don’t like the smell of the product, but after a shower with my favourite body wash, it is all good.

The exfoliant, mousse, body cream and mitt!

The exfoliant, mousse, body cream and mitt!

I finished the trial size bottle, managed to get almost 6 applications out of it! Which is pretty good I feel! So I went back to Sephora and picked up the large bottle! I will make my ‘summer’ tan last as long as I can this year! And I also have a trip to Vegas coming up in August, so I feel that if I can go there with some colour, I won’t be the one glowing by the side of the pool!! This stuff would be perfect if it came with an SPF in it, but sadly, from what I can tell, it doesn’t 😦

Where I got it – Sephora – but you can also get it at Shoppers Drug Mart for the same price.

Cost – Cdn$32.00 for the trial size pack and Cdn$55.00 for the full size bottle + tax. You can also buy the mitt separately too which retails for $8 + tax.

Deez xx


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