Eyeshadow De-Potting Frenzy

This was what I did over a weekend not too long ago! De-potted about 90% of my eyeshadows so I could put them into my palettes! I have a week in Vegas coming up and naturally I am very indecisive when it comes to packing colours I wantΒ to take. This solved that problem. Apart from a couple of trio eyeshadow sets and single eyeshadows I can’t de-pot, I can TAKE THEM ALL!!!!!

De-potted eyeshadows

De-potted eyeshadows

Not too bad eh? You can tell which are my favourite colours haha I have hit pan! I still have a couple more colours I want to add to these palettes, but I will get them at some stage! And yes, you are seeing correctly, I have an entire palette filled with neutrals and various shades of brown haha 80% of them are MAC Eyeshadows because I love them and the rest so far are MakeUp Geek and Sephora.

I have been told by friends that I have an eyeshadow problem. I have no idea what they are talking about…..

Deez xx


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