First Impression – Wet ‘n’ Wild – Colour Trio – Silent Treatment

I bought the Sephora It palette in Nude last week. It came with 2 highlight colours, a primer, 7 eyeshadow, a couple of eyeliner colours, an eyeliner pencil and a brush. And….. I didn’t use it for a week. My brain was trying to wrap around the fact I had bought it when I really only wanted ONE of the colours on the palette. This lavender taupe colour. In the end, I found the palette a home with a friend of mine. And began my hunt for either a single of the colour, or a cheaper version.

Anyway, then I found out that Wet ‘n’ Wild had trios – and one of the colours was almost an exact copy of this colour I wanted – a perfect dupe perhaps? On my weekend trip to Wal-Mart, I bought it. As the title says, it’s a trio, and in case there is any confusion, each colour has been labelled for where they are to be applied on the eye – browbone, crease and eyelid. The colour has a bit more of a silver tone to it, but the whole look of this colour on is just amazing. And the eyelid colour is the one I wanted. The other two were just a bonus!

It’s a fabulous colour, I absolutely love it – it will be a staple in my collection I believe which naturally means I have to go back to Wal-Mart and buy a couple more as back ups. Here is a pretty picture of the compact from a drugstore – Mine is below that haha. It has been in constant use since I got it!


All three colours are pretty, the one I am hooked on is the bottom one. The colours are amazing, very pigmented and so easy to blend and apply. As always, I use my go to UD Eyeshadow Primer underneath – more out of habit now than anything else. The texture is really velvety and soft. Also, only a little of the colour is needed to do the whole eyelid! They don’t crease or fade and I wore it for almost 10 hours (from application to removal that night) – Yes, it had been a long day!

The brushes they come with a kind of useless in my opinion, and the packaging is simple, but sturdy.

What it cost me CDN$2.97

Where I found it – Wal-Mart

Stars – 5/5

Deez xx


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