First Impressions – Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

I was in Sephora on the weekend looking for a waterproof mascara for my upcoming Vegas trip and have discovered I have no self control. HOWEVER that’s a whole other post. I went in for one product, left with it and another…..

I picked up this mascara after hearing the sales girls raving about it and showing me their ‘super long, super full’ jet black eyelashes…. I was really excited to try this and it came with a primer as well whichย I had never used before. So it is the primer – Subversion and the mascara Perversion.


And…. First impressions? I don’t see the fuss. What am I missing?? It’s a nice mascara, but I’m not sure what all the raving is about? A LOT of product comes out on the brush so I spent more time wiping it off the brush and trying to get it back into the tube than I did putting it on. I do, however, like the primer. Iย found on first application that the mascara dragged down my lashes and is really wet. I had to wait until they had completely dried before I could use my eyelash curler again. I wasn’t sure if putting a second coat on was a good idea.ย 

The colour is ok, it’s black – no darker than any other ones I have right now. I will say though once it is dry my lashes did look a little fuller which is always nice. I don’t know, after all the rave reviews, I think I was expecting more? I just can’t say 100% that it was worth the money I paid for it.

On first impression, this would not be a repurchase. Not when my NYC SkyRise at $3 does just as good a job. But as I spent so much on it, I will use it a few more times to see if my opinion changes. If it does, I will post an update!

Cost – Cdn $26.00 plus tax

Where I found it – Sephora

Stars – 2.5/5

Deez xx



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