Nails Glorious Nails!!!!!

So I just had to brag. I am sitting here looking at my new Vegas ready nails and thought – I needed to share with you, my amazing nail artist. Miho has recently established herself at Influence Salon in Calgary (for those local, it’s down on 17th Ave SW). I have seen her 3 times now for various occasions. Christmas, my Mad Hatter Tea Party and now for Vegas.

Firstly and most importantly – My trip to Vegas is tomorrow evening! 5 glorious days basking in the Vegas heat to get rid of this Canadian Glow I have acquired! Naturally, I had to do the pre-Vegas prep work! Hair – Check! Eyebrows (I now have 2 ha ha) Check! And Nails… CHECK! This is what I had done by Miho on Friday!

Vegas Nails

IMG_0919.JPGShe is a wonder, a perfectionist, so I know when I go to her, I will come out absolutely stoked by whatever she has created! She hasn’t let me down yet!

Mad Hatter Nails


Christmas Nails!


Where I got them done – Posh De Luxe Nail Salon (closed at present) and Influence Salon

What they cost me – anywhere from $48-$95 (Vegas were a full set and shellac hence more $$)

Stars 5/5


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