Hourglass Film Noir Mascara (Onyx) – My search continues….

I received the Hourglass 500 point perk box and fell in love with the mascara! It quickly became my more ‘high end’ favourite. So naturally, I bought the full size. I don’t know what happens between the trial/travel size and the full size, but I’m not as much a fan of the mascara now I have the big one as I was with the little one!

There seemed to be the same issue I had with the UD Perversion mascara where there was a lot of product on the wand. The mascara is quite wet too, but once I remove the excess on the thin wand, it’s great! I do love the way this mascara lengthens and thickens my lashes. I will say though that it doesn’t fall or smudge and at the end of the day, I don’t look like a racoon! (well if I do, no one has told me!) I do wait for it to dry slightly in between the first and second coat. My lashes still feel soft to touch too – not crackly which I have had happen with other brands and it doesn’t drag down my lashes after all the effort I go to in the mornings to curl them!


Hourglass – Film Noir Mascara in Onyx

The shade it comes in is called Onyx. It’s a decent black shade too, not the most intense black mascara I have ever used, but it does the job. The packaging is simple, but elegant. It’s easy for me to find in my ever growing collection of mascaras. Even though this isn’t my favourite (I’m still hunting for it…..I know it is out there) I would repurchase this one again. I am also hoping I can find it in the travel size again too – as out of the two, even though they are the same, I like the smaller one better than the full size!

 Where I found it – Sephora

What it cost me – CDN$24.00 + tax

Stars 4/5

Deez xx


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