Sydney Pricing – the Scandal! Oh my!

In my last ditched effort to Christmas shop last week – and well, shop for myself, a few things caught my eye. Firstly, I went into Myers (one of the larger department stores here in Oz) to buy an OPI nail hardener. This retails overseas last time I saw it for about $18. In Myer, they were selling it for $34.95!! I asked her to repeat the price as I was sure I had misheard her. But no, it was $34.95!!! I slowly backed away from the counter and walked away without the nail polish.

Next, I wandered through DJ’s (another department store, similar to the Bay) and found this. Philosophy Bath and Shower Gel. This was REDUCED to $21 – which is the price I paid RRP when I bought other Xmas scents before I left overseas. It was retailing for $30 in the store before the sale.

2014-12-27 09.03.58I had been looking everywhere for a Contigo drink bottle. I had these overseas, but decided I could probably find them at Costco here so left them behind….sadly, I was mistaken – I cannot find them here – not in packs of 3 for $20. I can however, find ONE for $21.95. Lucky me eh!?

2014-12-27 08.40.262014-12-27 08.40.34

Out of curiosity, I went into MAC Cosmetics, I was on the hunt for a travel sized pigment, they didn’t have the colour I was after, however, they did have a blush I had had my eyeballs on. It retails for USD$26/CAN$26 and here……..AUD$46. Needless to say – I didn’t buy it!

Companies here wonder why consumers shop online and go overseas to buy their products. As a small example – this is why…..

Deez xx


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After spending the better part of the last decade living in London and Calgary, I have now moved home to Sydney Australia! The land of beautiful beaches, weather and yes, as people like to point out - the deadliest animals in the world... we all have our quirks! Join me as I share my no frills stories about anything and everything!
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