Inglot – I am in Heaven…….

I see my newest addiction. I was at Bondi Junction Westfield on the weekend, and thought it was high time I tracked down this make up store I had seen mentioned on a few you tube bloggers channels. And I found it. And I didn’t want to leave.

inglot-logoThe makeup artists introduced me to the ‘Freedom System’. It is similar to MAC’s refill palettes. Basically, you choose your colours and create your own palette. Naturally, it was like releasing a kid in a candy store and telling them – “anything you want is yours”.

I did not buy a palette as I thought I had room in my z-palette at home (I have since discovered I do not – basically it just means another trip to the mall for me!) But I did come home with 5 shadows and 1 pressed powder. The eyeshadow colours are so pigmented and there is so much product in the pan, they give MAC shadows a run for their money – and seriously, speaking of which – the price – I can’t get over the price! AUD$10 a colour!!!!!! The pressed powder was a little more pricy at $35, but I will say, it does the job better than any other pressed powders I currently have . I got the Advanced Makeup Components Pressed Powder in the shade number 65. Since I have been back in Sydney, it would appear that all the moisture my face was deprived of in Calgary has hit me all at once! The slightest bit of humidity and my makeup becomes a shiny mess! Today however, I tried this powder and I checked after lunch and it was still pretty darn matte!

As I was saying, the eyeshadows are very pigmented, they so creamy, blend so easily and there is very little ‘back and forth’ required with a blending brush with these babies! There has been no fall out so far – not with the colours I bought. I did get all shimmery or ‘pearl’ colours, and the shimmer is subtle, but noticeable (as I discovered today when I was told my eyes looked very pretty today) The eyeshadows themselves come in something resembling vacuum sealed plastic, you have to peel the back of them to get into them – a couple of them required scissors as I couldn’t quite get the plastic to separate! The colours go by a number system instead of name – which I kind of like.

Inglot eyeshadows!

Inglot eyeshadows!

I have seen on their site, that the pricing for the US is slightly cheaper, but seriously, I cannot complain when a MAC eyeshadow here is AUD$33! From what I could see on the US site, the shadows are US$7 each.

Next time I go I will pick up the palette and follow this blog up with a review of that!

Where I found them – Inglot Australia – Bondi Junction Westfield

What it cost me – AUD$10 each eyeshadow and AUD$35 for the pressed powder

Deez xx


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