First Impression – Australis Colour Inject Lipstick – Samba

I went on a bit of an Australis spending spree just over a week ago now and have been trying their products ever since.

I bought 5 of the Velour Lips, a Pout Paste and a Colour Inject Moisturizing Mineral Lipstick. This review will be about the lipstick. Another will focus of the other products I indulged in.

The colour I bought was Samba, and it is one of the creamiest, pigmented lipsticks I have ever bought (and considering how many I own….that is saying something) and it applies so smoothly! I wore it this morning, ate, drank my coffee AND IT’S STILL ON!!!! and not a little bit, I have full coverage! This for me is a miracle in itself as I tend to eat off my lipstick or it just doesn’t stay put.  I did apply a chapstick underneath my lips as always to prep them (more out of habit than for any other reason), and I applied a very very thin layer of Pout Paste over the top for a bit of shine. If you are after a matte finish though – forego the gloss over the top. You wont be disappointed.


On me, Samba comes out quite mauve-y pink, whereas on others I have seen it is more a dusty rose colour. As a comparison, I would say MAC’s Modesty is the closest on me. (Which is great because I have almost finished Modesty and here in Oz, MAC costs a motza!)

The packaging is quite chunky, black plastic, simple in design. The lipstick itself has an SPF15. For a drugstore branded lipstick this may become my go to! In fact, at lunchtime today I am going to get another one (or two)

Where I found it – Priceline Australia

What it cost me – AUD$9.06 (on sale) regularly retails for AUD$12.95

Stars 4.5 out of 5


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