March Makeup Buying Freeze

After spending a small fortune on pretty cosmetics..mostly Gerard Cosmetics (not gonna lie – but then their lipsticks are amazing, so really, can you blame me??) I have designated March a No Credit Card spending month! Now before (like me), you start getting the twitching eyeball, it is NOT limited to cash purchases….. though in my case, this is pretty much just as bad, as I have to ensure I don’t spend all my play money on make up, resulting in my not being able to pay for my daily parking!

Starting today, I am on a 30 day make up buying freeze.


I do still have a couple of online purchases making their way to me from the States, so that will be something to break up the fact that I can pretty much ‘look, but not buy’ all the things I still have on my ever-growing wish list!

If like me you have over indulged from Xmas through to now, feel free to join me in my spending freeze! After all…’s only 30 days right??

spending ban pic


About Deez

After spending the better part of the last decade living in London and Calgary, I have now moved home to Sydney Australia! The land of beautiful beaches, weather and yes, as people like to point out - the deadliest animals in the world... we all have our quirks! Join me as I share my no frills stories about anything and everything!
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