Review – Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

A little while ago my friend in Calgary sent me the Maybelline Fit Me “Matte and Poreless” foundation for me to try. And I have been using constantly for the past month. I absolutely love it! Being in the constant humidity that surrounds Sydney, I usually end up looking like an oily watery mess – not the lovely dewy look some people strive for mind you, more like I have dumped my face in waterย and not bothered to dab my face to get the excess water off.

I didn’t want to review this product too soon in case it was just a once off then my face went back to its usual oily mess. BUT IT DIDN’T!! I have been using this constantly and not only have I received the most compliments on my makeup since I started using it, but my face has stayed matte, my pores are nicely covered up and hardly noticeable, and when I get home – after a 20min train ride on a crowded train and a 10 minute walk in the sun, its still mostly matte! I might have the slightest ‘shine’ in my T-Zone, but this I would class as the dewy look a lot of people strive for!


The only problem with it is that I cannot find it here in Sydney yet (if you have seen it, please let me know where), we have a new one out which is called Dewy and Smooth (naturally) but hopefully they will bring the Matte and Poreless out here soon! Otherwise, I may have to beg and plead my friend to grab me another bottle!

I might have to stock up on my next trip overseas!

Where I found it – it was sent to me from my friend in Calgary

What it cost me – It was a gift, but my friendย tells me it retails at CAD$10.99RRP + tax (but when it’s on sale, anywhere between $7.99 + tax and $8.49 + tax depending on the retailer)

Stars 5 out of ย 5


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