Candle Bar Sydney – Pure Organic Soy Wax Candles

Quite simply, these candles make me happy. They are so richly scented and yet not over powering, they warm up a room with the most beautiful aromas and the candles themselves don’t get that black residue like so many other candles I have bought in the past. 

I discovered these gems when I went to the local organic food market. For those in Sydney, if you haven’t yet checked out the Ramsgate Organic Foodies Market in Florence St, Ramsgate, it is a must! You will find everything you could ever want, and probably a lot of things you never knew you needed.

I’ve been to these markets now 3 times, and each time I’ve left with candles. I can’t help myself, every time I’ve gone, they have had new scents that have just blown my mind and my senses. The service you receive is just fabulous, they are so friendly, chatty and kind and you can tell they love what they do. They are packaged so beautifully, some coming in the glass jars I have, others in crystal – they are just stunning!


These soy candles are made from premium quality ingredients and burn for what seems like forever. They can actually also be used as perfume on the skin! This is what attracted my mum to them. More than one use, she’s sold!! 

I cannot say enough awesome things about these candles. My favourite so far is Coconut Reef and Surrender which I am burning now…..

Everyone needs these candles in their life. Just sayin’

Where I found them – Ramsgate Organic Foodies Market, Sydney

What it cost me – $100 for 5 first visit, $22.50 each for my next 3, and a special one I bought for a gift was $45

Stars 5/5


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