Come on Beauty Retail Giants – play nice……

534de55c1056d2df54d2e7f4daaa9f6dI’ve been home in Australia now for almost a year! Can you believe it!  And I have to admit, my habit of comparing pricing here to overseas has all but stopped.

I had been told that you get a point where you just stop questioning how expensive things are here and just accept it for what it is. So I had a free Sunday and figured, I would do some investigating, just to see if pricing was getting closer or if it was still miles apart and while I had been pleasantly surprised with some brands, others……well it was heart breaking.

What also sparked this was, I had recently read an article, that when Sephora Australia’s website went live, they cut off access to the US Sephora site, to stop consumers doing price comparisons (WTF!). The response and outrage was immediate, their facebook page was flooded, people complained in store! And I believe they had every right to vent their frustrations. The way I see it, if we here in Oz, weren’t being over charged – they wouldn’t have the needed to take such measures, sparking such outrage within the beauty community. So why are we being charged so much more? Some companies say ‘it’s the exchange rate and postage” Well to that, I say, ever heard of google? There are numerous currency converter sites which will show you what something in US$/CA$ will cost in AUD$. And postage? Easy enough to work that out too!  What else you got?

Recently I received an email from Sephora in Canada advising me that my birthday gift was awaiting me! Excited, I logged into Sephora and started shopping. I found a beautiful YSL Eyeshadow palette, a Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick in a colour that has been out of stock for yonks and some false eyelashes because I have recently learned how to apply them and now I am obsessed with falsies. My entire order came to CA$115 which was AUD$121. I got a discount of 20% because I am a rouge member and it came down to C$95 which was AU$101. When I logged on to the aussie make up site Mecca, I looked at the same palette to find it was on it’s own A$98.

So you can see I am not making this up, Side by side, the same products.


What I don’t think they retail giants understand is, it is human nature to try and get the best price for our money. We work hard for those pennies. I am more than happy to go to say Harvey Norman, price a TV, then go to JB Hi-Fi, price the exact same product and see which has the better price. I am also more than happy to ask if they will price match if I prefer the service of one retailer over another. If you want to keep your customers happy, give them a reason to stay loyal to you. Its really that simple.

The beauty community is a very fast yet fickle community. I reckon, look after us and you will have us for life!

D xx


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After spending the better part of the last decade living in London and Calgary, I have now moved home to Sydney Australia! The land of beautiful beaches, weather and yes, as people like to point out - the deadliest animals in the world... we all have our quirks! Join me as I share my no frills stories about anything and everything!
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