First Impression – Ren Satin Perfection BB Cream

I have been using this BB Cream now for just over a week, so it’s technically still a first impression. I received my first Mecca beauty loop box of the year, and it provided a sample of the Ren Satin Perfection BB Cream. It is a silicone free BB Cream so I gave it a go…. and now I am not sure I can go back to using my other BB Creams – and I have a few! Firstly, it is quite an odd shade of orange, I wasn’t entirely sure it would look ok on my face, but then I applied it and – it was love at first use. It is a very light coverage, blends seamlessly, just perfect for our Sydney summers . I don’t feel I get overly shiny after wandering out in 30+ degree heat during lunch like I usually do. It doesn’t clog my pores, or make me break out, and even better, it is the first face product I have used in such a long time where I haven’t needed a primer first! The finish is a natural, satiny, healthy glow.


It feels great on my skin – did I mention lightweight? It’s not too drying or too oily – I have combination skin and my T-zone can sometimes resemble a very attractive oil slick. My skin seems to have reverted back to pre-Canada days now that I am not in such a dry climate. I tend to have issues with foundations in that sometimes I require a more yellow undertone, whereas other times I need more a pink undertone. (Yes my skin is that fussy it cannot decide what tone it wants to be permanently.) This has more a yellow undertone heading towards the neutral side. I really do love that this product doesn’t oxidise on me! That’s right, no oompa loompa face here! OH and I worked out with it, and didn’t end up with it all over my towel! Added bonus for those gym goers out there!

For a BB Cream here in Sydney, it is pricey, I paid AUD$56 from Mecca Cosmetica, and the US Sephora site has it listed as $38 plus tax. I will say though, that at the moment, the Aussie Dollar is so disgustingly low, with the conversion to USD – it was pretty much on par.

I am heading to Hawaii in 5 weeks, so I might have to get a couple more of these! I think this will be the main product I take with me, just enough coverage to hide imperfections, but light enough that I don’t look over done!

Where I found it – Mecca Cosmetica Miranda

What I paid for it AUD$56

Stars 4.5/5


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