Looks a little fishy to me….

I have been looking at theBalm products a fair bit lately, you can buy them at my local Target which is great! And the prices are fantastic too! Then I thought to look at Sephora Australia last weekend, and they too sell theBalm… however, do you see what I see when I price checked the same product in Target and then on Sephora?


Why??? Why is there such a price difference for the same product? Who in their right mind would spend over $30 more on a product?? It’s retailing at $34.95 in Target, and a whopping $67.50 at Sephora?! I don’t understand – does Sephora Australia think we wouldn’t be savvy enough to look around?

I still try not to buy many products from Sephora Australia for exactly this reason. I will opt to send my friends overseas a shopping list and paypal them the money as even with shipping, exchange rate etc etc its still cheaper for me to buy from the overseas stores!

What am I missing? Surely there is a logical explanation for such a price hike right?  Someone? Anyone?

Deez xx


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After spending the better part of the last decade living in London and Calgary, I have now moved home to Sydney Australia! The land of beautiful beaches, weather and yes, as people like to point out - the deadliest animals in the world... we all have our quirks! Join me as I share my no frills stories about anything and everything!
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