NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks – Review

I bought 2 of these a little while ago, and had been avoiding putting up a review on them, because everyone seemed to love them. These sadly, did not work for me 😦 And it makes me so sad because I have so many NYX products that I love!

First off, these were always out of stock at every Priceline I went to!  I couldn’t believe it! My hopes were so high for these, I guess in a way there were only two ways they could go. Either these would surpass my hopes and dreams, of they would fail miserably.

I tried these for a good two weeks. ON initial application, they were lovely, so creamy unfortunately, after they set, they were so drying on my lips, my lips started to look like I had been sucking on lemons, and they were so cracked after using them. The colour sunk into the lines in my lips I found that if I used a balm underneath them, there was a bit more moisture, however then they weren’t long lasting! I just couldn’t win with these.

On the positive, the colours I bought were just amazing, I got them in Satin Ribbon and Embellishment. And I like the packaging, the price for Aussie pricing wasnt too bad either.


If anyone has found the same issue as me, but has a solution I would love to hear it as I really do want to love these liquid lipsticks.

Where I got them Priceline

What they cost me $14.95

Stars 2/5



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